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Willow Bank Junior School

SATs Results and Progress Data - 2016



The SATs of 2016 were the first to be assessed against the new curriculum, and the increased level of expectation is reflected in the fact that overall scores are significantly down against last year across the country.  This does not mean that children have achieved less well, but that they have been measured against more demanding criteria.  The attainment scores for Willow Bank Junior School in 2016 are shown in the table below.

% children achieving: School National
Reading - expected level or above 72 66
Reading - high score 24 19
GPS* - expected level or above 71 72
GPS* - high score 21 22
Writing - expected level or above 81 74
Writing - high score 12 15
Maths - expected level or above 76 70
Maths - high score 21 17
Reading/Writing/Maths combined - expected level or above 57 53
Reading/Writing/Maths combined - high score 5 5

* Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


Reading - average scaled score:  104.1  (national average 102.6)

Maths    - average scaled score:  103.9  (national average 103.0)




Because of the change of curriculum in 2016, it is no longer possible to make a direct comparison between a child's Key Stage 1 score (on the old levels) and their Key Stage 2 score (on the new scaled system).  The Department for Education has devised a way of converting the scores on to the same scale, and then measured each child's progress in comparison with children nationally who achieved at a similar level at Key Stage 1.  So, a child who made progress in line with the average for children of similar prior attainment would be awarded a progress score of 0.  Otherwise a child will be awarded a minus or plus score to indicate whether they achieved progress below or above the average, where the majority of children will fall within the range -5.0 to +5.0.  These scores are then aggregated to give an overall average score for the school.  Of course, within this average, there will be a wide range of different scores for individual children.  The average progress scores for Willow Bank Junior School in 2016 are shown in the table below.


Reading -1.2
Writing -1.9
Maths -1.6