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Star of the Week

Star of the Week - 20.5.19

Group 3 Stars of the week: Darcy & Taya

Darcy: In Wales, Darcy overcame lots of challenging tasks. She gave everything a try and surprised herself. Darcy was a positive and enthusiastic member of our group and supported the other members of the team.

Taya: Taya did not stop smiling from the start to the end of the week. She showed confidence and enthusiasium throughout the week. At the start of Year 5, Taya was very apprehesive but in Wales she really blossomed and showed her true character.

 Well Done! :)

Star of the Term (Spring)

Ethan Pang

Reason: Ethan always tries his hardest in everything he does. He is fully engaged in all activities and gives things a go. He always has interesting things to share with the class and has a really positive approach to learning.

Well Done! smiley