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Willow Bank Junior School


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Everyone had a great time at the zoo. Lots of new babies to fall in love with and most animals were enjoying the sunshine, so were easy to spot.


We arrived at Pendine, unloaded and then had a bit of exploring time before dinner. Gosh your children eat a lot - some had third helpings!


Then off for our first visit to the beach. Luckily the tide had just turned and there was just enough sand for a sand sculpture competition. The theme was 'Food' - a popular choice. Lots of great entries and teamwork.


Back at the centre the children were thrilled to sit down and write diary entries. They were rewarded with cake!


Bedtime arrived and after the not so secret parties and feasts had been rumbled they settled to sleep reasonably quickly for a first night.


We are hoping they don't wake up too early!