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Another busy day.


Most children had to be woken up this morning (and also some of the adults!)


Activities have included:

archery - Mr Randall is current champion with an unbelievable score of 95. 

low ropes - there were some impressive displays of team work and cooperation.

high ropes - so many children climbed up out of their comfort zones and really had to demonstrates complete trust in their team mates, who were holding the safety ropes!

climbing - children listened carefully and then surprised themselves with how high they could climb. Again, they depended on their team mates for their safety and it was great to see them working so closely together, so successfully.

canoeing - Mr Randall got a bit wet! ( he made a poor choice of canoe buddy!)

woods - the woods are really beautiful at this time of year and the children relished in the freedom they were allowed to roam, explore, climb and hide.


The day finished with a gathering in the roundhouse where a fire was lit, marshmallows toasted, songs were sung and there was a little bit of magic.


No one grumbled about having to go to bed and all were asleep within minutes of touching the pillow.


We are all beginning to feel a bit sad that tomorrow is the last full day ...