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Willow Bank Junior School


This week is our last week looking at the Titanic. I would like you to make your own Titanic this afternoon.  Yes I hear you say! I know you are excited. smiley


You can either create a 2D or 3D one. 


2D- You could draw a fantastic picture of one then decorate it. You could use paint, watercolours,  colour pencils, felt tips or even make a collage. You could even create a silhouette. 


3D- You would make a 3D model. You might use things such as cardboard, paper, toilet role holders or even coloured paper or card. You may decorate it with colour pencils, felt tips or even paint.

You could even make it out of lego, building blocks or plasticine. 


Either way it is entirely up to you! You choose which one you want to do -2D or 3D.  Chat to your parents and see which things you have at home. 


Then please take pictures and post them in your PM files so we can see. 


 I know you will love this so we can't wait to see what you create. smiley