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Willow Bank Junior School


There are a variety of activities for this week. You can choose to do as many of these as you like. 


  1. Create a rainbow mindfulness piece of Art- follow the instructions on the powerpoint and use the rainbow template to create your work.
  2. Do some mindful doodling on the doodling sheets. You could add patterns and colours if you like. You could even experiment creating different lines on there such as diagonal, dotted, dashed, thin, thick and horizontal etc. 
  3. Take your pencil for a walk, this does sound strange but it is fun! There is no right or wrong way to do this. Get yourself a piece of paper and use your pencil to take it "for a walk". Bring the pencil's journey to life in a story- so you could have the pencil going up the hill then skipping along a bumpy road!
  4. Colouring - there are some lovely sheets for you to choose from then you can colour them in coloured pencils or felt tips. 




It would be lovely to see some of your pictures so please upload them onto PM.