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Colour and Klee

This term we will be considering the use of colour in art.

We will be discovering the work of some famous artists and creating some great work of our own. 


Paul Klee is a well known artist who produced art in an abstract style - abstract means not a true likeness. Shapes are used to give the impression of something.

Read through the powerpoint or pdf, then have a look at one of his paintings below.


Senecio is a bright, abstract portrait painted by Paul Klee in 1922



Klee uses geometric shapes to create this portrait.

Triangles and rectangles mingle together to form the facial features.



Your task is to create your own abstract portrait 'Paul Klee' style. There are different ways to do this - depending on what resources are available to you at home.


Maybe you could use paints, colouring pencils or felt tips to create a 'Klee' style head.

You could create a portrait with shapes using 'Paint' on your computer.

You could cut up a magazine or coloured papers (please ask first!) and stick them down to create your 'head'.


Here is a template to use, if you want.     

It would be great to see some of your artworks uploaded on to PURPLEMASH, or email in to school.