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Willow Bank Junior School

Autumn 1

Year 3 weekly spelling rules taught in school
Week ending Spelling ruleExamples
 10th SeptemberWords with long vowel sound  /a/  spelt with ei.eight     eighth      eighty      weight      vein     veil    beige    sleigh    freight    neighbour
 17th September

Words with the long vowel sound /a/ spelt with ey.

hey   they   obey   disobey   grey   whey   prey   survey    convey   purvey
 24th OctoberWords with the long vowel sound /a/ spelt with ai.straight   campaign   contain   brain   faint   waist   claim   praise   complaint   afraid
1st OctoberRevision of previous 3 weeks - long vowel sound /a/ spelt with ei, ey or ai.All of the above
8th OctoberWords with the /ur/ sound spelt   early   learn   heard   earn   pearl   search   unearth   earl   rehearse
15th OctoberHomophones and near homophoneshear   here   heel   heal   main   mane   male   mail   knot   not
Please practise your half termly spellings - we will test you after half term
Half Term