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Have you completed all of your tasks for this week ?

Task What? How?
LITERACY               Monday 

Using prepositions - writing sentences

Optional Challenge activity

Print out and write on sheet or record neatly in book.
Tuesday Internet safety - TRUST poster Record neatly in book
Wednesday Types of sentence

PURPLE MASH 2Do - Little Red Riding Hood

Types of sentence 1 - print out or write in book

Writing sentences - write in to book

Thursday Chinese New Year Story - using conjunctions of time and prepositions of place Print out sheet or write neatly in to your book.
  Serial Mash x3 (some children) PURPLE MASH
  Phonics x3 (some children ) PURPLE MASH


Handwriiting practice sheet to print, out or copy in to books

  Read aloud at least x2 a week OXFORD OWLS (or other suitable books at home) - please record reading on weekly PARENTMAIL form
MATHS       Monday

Mental maths

Maths mat

Print out sheet or copy neatly in to book
Tuesday 2 D sheets  Print out worksheet or record in book
Wednesday 3 D sheets  2D/3D shapes - MYMATHS
  Times tables x2 Print out or write in to book
  Times Tables Rock Stars at least 1x 15 minutes a week. TIMES TABLES ROCK STARS
HISTORY Anglo Saxon village life Cut out, stick and label activity or draw neatly and label.
COMPUTING Internet safety- email activities 2Do on PURPLE MASH
Music The orchestra See web site

Winter Olympics

Sea Shanty dance 

See website