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Willow Bank Junior School


Have you completed all of your tasks?

Task What? How?
                    Tuesday  Alphabet Proper Nouns                Worksheet or record in book   
Wednesday Writing the address Worksheet or record in book
Thursday Write a postcard 2Do on PURPLE MASH
  Serial Mash x3 (Some children) PURPLE MASH
  Grammar activites x3 (Some children) PURPLE MASH 2Do
  Reading aloud (At least x2 a week) Oxford Owls or own books etc...
  Half Termly Spellings SPELLING FRAME
      Tuesday Mrs Burns         Left/Right hand turns & Right angles                    Worksheet or record in book
Tuesday      Mrs Mc Right angles at home. Colouring angles Worksheet or record in book
Wednesday    Mrs Burns 2 Logo PURPLE MASH 2 Do
Wednesday       Mrs Mc 2 Logo PURPLE MASH 2Do
Mrs Burns Acute and obtuse angles Angle hunt around the home - worksheet or record in book
Mrs Mc Horizontal and Vertical lines MOT page 115 - at least 2 sections. Record in book
  Times Tables Rock Stars TTRs website
  Times tables testing x2 Print out or record in book - let us know when you have passed 3 times.
History/Computing Viking attack on Lindisfarne Read through information on website, then complete 2Do on PURPLE MASH
Music BBC 10 Pieces Watch (links on website) then 2Do on PURPLE MASH
PE VIRTUAL SPORTS - Martial Arts See website - share results on BLOG
Dance with Miss King Link on website
Science Human skeleton Label a skeleton - print out or draw in book 
Art Crafty skeletons See website for ideas - use your imagination!