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Willow Bank Junior School


Have you completed all of your tasks this week?

Lesson What ? How ?
History  Museum activity sheets Complete sheets
Create a Bayeux style modern tapestry sdesign Record on paper or in book
Literacy     Tuesday Writing a letter opening In book
WBD         Wednesday At least 2 WBD activities  See school website
Literacy Read aloud at least x2  
Serial Mash (Some children) PURPLE MASH
Cloze 2Do (Some children) PURPLE MASH

Maths                 Tuesday

Mrs Burns

Revision of angles

Measuring and drawing lines

Worksheet - print out or record in book

Maths                 Tuesday

Mrs Mc

Different types of lines - drawing Record in book
Maths  Times tables testing x2 Print out tests or record in book
  Times Tables Rock Stars - at least once TTRs website