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This half term we were planning on learning how to make and use PowerPoint presentations. We would like you to explore this program at home - if you can. If you are unable to access, then there are alternative activities to complete - we will ensure that you get PowerPoint time, when you return to school.


PowerPoint is a great tool for presenting multiple pages of information, displayed in an interesting way - most teachers are using it for their ZOOM lessons.


Lesson 1 - Open up PowerPoint and insert a new slide (you will only need one slide for this whole activity. Play around and investigate the insert and design options at the top of the screen.

Your task is to create one slide with information about YOU on it.

Here is Mrs Mc's slide:

* Type information into separate text boxes

* Add some pictures or clip art

*Change font colour, size etc... to make it look attractive.

*Don't add any animations yet!

*Don't forget to save your work somewhere safe for next week.


If you cannot access PowerPoint -

Create an 'About Me' page on paper.

* Make it colourful

* Use separate boxes of information

* Think carefully about layout - where should things go

*Ask somebody to check your spellings

*Can you draw or stick down some suitable images