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Willow Bank Junior School


In English today we were looking again at the features of an informal letter.

Watch this YOUTUBE CLIP (or look back at previous days' PowerPoints), for a reminder.     (Check with an adult first)

Today we would like you to write a letter of apology from one of the children that visited Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with their  GOLDEN TICKET.


Who will you choose?

Augustus Gloop - who loved chocolate!

Violet Beauregarde - gum chewer

Veruca Salt - who wanted 'EVERYTHING'

Mike Teevee - who watched too much television


Write your letters into your books, or use the PURPLE MASH template, set as a 2Do.

Try yo write at least three interesting paragraphs:

  1. Remind Mr Wonka who you are and what happened.
  2. Explain why it happened and why you are sorry.
  3. Promise to be a better person - how will you achieve this.