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Willow Bank Junior School


I have loved marking all your MyMAths and thank you because 25 of you have been doing the tasks! YAYYYYYYY! I can see from marking the maths that we are still finding telling the time tricky which is why I waited a bit before putting up today's lesson, apologies if any of you have been waiting for it!


I think It is best we still stay on analogue clocks, so for today's Friday practical activity, I would like you to carry out your day as normal but pick 5 or 6 activities that you are going to document. When it get's to that time you draw a picture of it and then draw a clock telling the time you did it next to it. So you could at 10:15 have a snack, draw your snack and then draw an analogue clock next to it showing what time it is. At quarter to 11 you might be doing your maths work, so draw a picture of you doing your maths work and then next to it draw an analogue clock showing quarter to 11. At 1:20 you might be playing golf (Harry) so draw a picture of you playing golf and then draw an analogue clock with 1:20 on it. Now if you are finding telling the time tricky then please sticky with o'clock, quarter past and to and half past. if you are getting more confident then try 5 minute intervals for example, twenty past ten to, 5 past etc. I will put a blank analogue clock sheet in case any of you have printers at home and want to use ready drawn clocks but if you don't it's absolutely fine for you to draw your own clocks.

Once you have finished please upload a picture into your Purple Mash folders for me to mark. Thank you Mrs Taylor-Dickens