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Willow Bank Junior School

Friday 17th April

Dear Year 3,


We hope that you been having some fun during the last 2 weeks and  that you are all safe and well at home. Have you still got a bit of chocolate left? smiley


It's nearly time to go back to our virtual school (yay we hear you say!!) and we thought we'd send you a quick message to let you know what will be happening from next week, as there are a few small changes...


One change you will see on Purple Mash is our BLOG page - from Monday 20th April, we will have just one YEAR 3 BLOG, and the Ash and Oak pages will disappear.  This will make it easier for us to talk to you as a whole year group and you will also be able to chat to each other, if you are in different classes!  Lots of you haven't posted on there yet - have a go at writing a post soon.


Next week will be the beginning of your next phase of Learning at Home. We will be trying some new ways of doing this - let us know what you think. It is essential that you  this Willow Bank website each day to see what you need to be doing.


Literacy: this is being planned around the story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It will be a 2 week unit of work ending with you producing a newspaper report on Purple Mash, that you will hand in for us to see.


Reading on Serial Mash (Purple Mash) will still be set every couple of days.


Spellings: these are still once a week - all 3 spelling groups are on our web page.


Maths: You will need to check either BurnsBandits or McMinions maths on our web page for your weekly work - it will look a bit different to what you have been doing and won't just be MYMATHS tasks. We will continue with the TTRS weekly competition but keep an eye out for some information from Miss Cornish about Rockstar Wednesdays coming up soon.


Times tables: ask someone at home to test you once (or twice) per week - copies of the tests are on the website under Maths (or you can write your own like the school ones).  Once you have passed your table, 3 times with full marks, tell us on the Purple Mash Year 3 blog and you can move on to the next table.  We will then change your table on Times Tables Rock Stars.


Other work for next week include a geography task, which the whole school will be completing, and some science.


Remember - if you are unable to print out the activities, you can record your responses in your book. More books, if your first is filled up, are available from the front of the school during school hours.


Please keep checking the website - we are working hard to keep it updated!


WOW! We have been amazed at how generous everyone has been with the Willow Bank Food Bank collection. Mrs Mc has already had to deliver 2 cars full of food. They really need tinned potatoes and bottles of squash still - if you were thinking of donating something, and were passing by. 


We are missing seeing you each day but want you to stay safe. We are having a think about a special way to celebrate getting back together - do you have any ideas?  We know it might be difficult to work at home, but please try and be kind to your families and try your hardest. We are looking forward to hearing about how amazing you are being.


And finally...

Happy Birthday wishes go to Rayyan, who had his birthday in the holiday, and Audrey and Joshan for next week.


Stay safe, be kind and … don't forget to have some fun?


Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc   heartheart