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Willow Bank Junior School


Welcome to Friday and also it's nearly half term. (No maths set next week, but the week after half term we will continue with time.)


I have thought really hard about what activity to set for today and with the beautiful weather we are currently happening I would like you to make a sundial. You can design it however you like. I will include some images for you to see and some instructions but you go for it however you think. Try to make it as accurate as you can by checking it against 1 O'clock, 2 O'clock, three o'clock etc. Please take some pictures and present your work and pop it into Purple Mash folders so I can see them and mark them! You can take your time over this one! Enjoy. Thank you all to children and parents for all the work you have done over this half term I have loved marking your work and seeing you doing the lessons I have been thinking about for you. Enjoy half term. Mrs Taylor-Dickens