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Willow Bank Junior School

Friday 1st May

Hi everyone


Hope you are all ok and haven't got too soggy in all of the rain this week. It always seems to be cold and wet when Mrs Burns is in school. Mrs Mc is again looking forward to some hot, sunny weather when she is in school next week. We are still missing you lots and are so looking forward to the time when we can all be learning together again. In the mean time we know lots of you are being so good and working  hard and conscientiously at home. Mr Foster is mentioning how hard this is in his weekly letter to your Parents and Carers. Please try your hardest and if something seems too tricky then tackle it in a different way; so long as you do something.

We are now asking that you show evidence of your work at least twice a week. This can be done in the usual way via PURPLE MASH 2DOs but you can also upload other pieces from word, PowerPoint, JPEGs, photographs etc...

To do this you need to log on to  PURPLE MASH and then look at the menu bar:

              1. Select 'Work' yellow icon.

              2. Select 'Upload'    purple icon.

              3. Then follow the onscreen instructions to upload your work.

              4. SAVE your work in to your folder, You will need to select 'My                      Work'.


We will be checking in your folders, at least once a week - especially if there is no evidence of PURPLE MASH activities being completed. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this via the BLOG.             


Next week's work is focussing on VE day. I wonder if you know what this is?                                                                                                                                                                             







By the end of next week, hopefully, you will.

Friday is a Bank Holiday, in recognition of this special day. We are not expecting you to work on Friday, as it is a holiday.


From next week, in literacy, there will be some optional activities for children that are sometimes supported in class. There will be some tasks like spelling and Serial Mash that we expect everyone to do and then some jobs where the Supported group can choose to do the optional ones instead.


There is a Religion task to complete about Hindu places of worship. You will find it in 'Other subjects'. It is due in 2 weeks.


Also, from next week, we will start a new times tables BLOG, where you can record your successes. This makes it much easier for us to find and to amend your tables on ROCKSTARS.

Talking of ROCKSTARS … Well done to both classes for amazing scores this week. Oak so narrowly lost to Lime - it couldn't have been much closer. Congratulations to Ash for convincingly beating Rowan.


Next week, the Wednesday battle will be between OAK v ALDER      and         ASH v  CEDAR. There will also be a week long battle between ASH v OAK.

TOP SCORERS - week ending 30th April 
Ash Oak 
1st   Charlie 1st   Sienna 
2nd   Noah H 2nd   Summer
3rd   Ella P 3rd   Rishi
4th   Bella R 4th   Johan
5th   Tom 5th   Ibraheem

Who will it be next week? Could it be YOU?


Before we sign off we would just like to say



   Noah and Amaya who will be turning 8 next week.


Don't forget to keep in touch via the BLOG on PURPLE MASH.


Take care, work hard, don't moan at you Parents & Carers about working hard and remember to have lots of fun too!


Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc