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Willow Bank Junior School


It's FRIDAY and you have made it to the last lesson! Hope that you have found it ok accessing Maths like this? Don't forget you can chat on the Year 4 Blog if you have any Questions!

Today is a different type of lesson, it's going to be all practical, you choose one of the three actvities, set them up at home and then decide how you will record your activity and then upload it into your Maths folder on Purple Mash  so I can see how you got on!


Activity One


Set up your own Snack shop. Pick the snacks that you are allowed to have all day and price them up. Decide on a money allowance that you are allowed to use up throughout the day. You have to pay for each snack item you have and give yourself change. Once all your money has gone, no more snacks! Think carefully about the price of the snacks, set realistic prices and use the money from your money bank so you can practice using real money and get real change!  You could control the Snack shop for your whole family! Think carefully about how you present this so that I can see what you have done. I absolutely can't wait so see what you all do! I hope your parents don't hate me when you start telling them they've used all their money up for the snacks! Remember you can't keep the money though!



Activity Two


You are planning a  picnic. Four people are coming, you have a budget of £25. You have to work what you are going to buy, how much it will cost and what it totals. 

If you are feeling really confident you could plan a family party for when we can see our families again and your budget can be £50. Think how you are going to present your work and then take a picture and upload it into your maths folder on Purple Mash.

Activity Three

Look at the picture above, write the same cards as above or think of some of your own and pop them in a cake or muffin tin. Get some coins and put the right coins in the right tin. Take a picture and then upload it into your purple mash maths folder, maybe you can think of a more imaginative way to present your work.