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Willow Bank Junior School


To help you with your learning whilst you are at home during term time, please log in regularly to the following websites, click on the link to take you there:


Times Tables Rock Stars. Battle of the Bands for Lime and Pine on Tuesday 21st April @ 10-10:30am and Thursday 23rd April @ 1-1:30pm!!! Come on Pine Classsmiley



My Maths: Lessons and homework will be set weekly this may vary slightly depending on which maths group you are in.  Don't forget to do the lessons, otherwise you may not understand how to do the homework! New lessons are set on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a week to complete them.



Purple Mash: Lots of learning activities are on here, from reading to maths to literacy to art.  Please check your Purple Mash 2DO LIST at the top of the task bar regularly. Pine Class Blog is updated most mornings for you to join in, come and chat with us there!!