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Homework Tasks

Please don't forget to check your feed tab in MyMaths and your Alerts in Purple Mash. I mark your work each week and leave feedback for you in these places.

Thursday 3rd December

This week your homework is on MyMaths. It is based around rounding which we have been working on for the past two weeks.

Thursday 1st October:  This week there is a Battle of the Bands between Lime and Pine.

  • Starts: 1/10/2020 @4pm
  • Finishes: 5/10/2020 @ 7pm                        Which class will be the champions?

Thursday 8th October: This week we have set you two 2Dos on Purple Mash, if you do not know your log in please check with your teacher and they will remind you.


Thursday 15th October: Please visit MyMaths for your homework this week.


Thursday 22nd October: Please visit MyMaths for your homework this week.

Thursday 5th November

Next week is Maths Week England. We have signed  up to play in the Maths week battle on Times Tables Rock Stars - Rock Out. 


It begins at 7:30am on Monday 9th November and finishes 7:30 pm Saturday 14th November. 

Any correct answers (on any game mode) given between 7:30am and 7:30pm each day will count towards your class's points. 


The points from each class are added up and divided by the number of pupils in the class who play.

Example – the class scores 4000 in total and 25 pupils play. The class score will be 4000 ÷ 25 = 160.

The class with the highest average is the winner.

There can be the winning class in the school or in the whole of England.

Thursday 19th November 2020

This week your homework is on MyMaths, it is based around your lessons over the last two weeks on addition and subtraction, using written methods. You might want to use pencil and paper to help you.

Thursday 26th November

This week I have set you 3 ToDos on Purple Mash, the focus is on multiplication and division.