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Lesson 1 Newspaper features

Read on with the story - read to somebody or ask them to read it to you. 

Why not listen to The Iron Man, read by its author using Audio Books.

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Read and share the next part of the story.

The Return of the Iron Man


So he got home at last and gasping for breath he told his dad. An Iron Man! An Iron Man! A giant! His father frowned. His mother grew pale. His little sister began to cry. 

His father took down his double-barrelled gun. He believed his son. He went out. He locked the door. He got in his car. He drove to the next farm. 

But that farmer laughed. He was a fat, red man, with a fat, red-mouthed laugh. When he stopped laughing, his eyes were read too. An Iron Man? Nonsense he said.

So Hogarth's father got back in his car. Now it was dark and it had begun to rain. He drove to the next farm. 

That farmer frowned. He believed. Tomorrow, he said, we must see what he is, this iron man. His feet will leave tracks in the earth.

So Hogarth's father again got back into his car. But as he turned the car in the yard, he saw a strange thing in the headlamps. Half a tractor lay there, just half, chopped clean off, the other half missing. He got out of his car and the other farmer came to look too. The tractor had been bitten off - there were big teeth - marks in the steel. No explanation! The two men looked ate each other. They were puzzled and afraid. What could have bitten the tractor in two? There, in the yard in the rain, in the night, while they had been talking inside the house.

The farmer ran in and bolted his door.

Hogarth's father jumped into his car and drove off into the night and the rain as fast as he could, homeward.

The rain poured down. Hogarth's father drove hard. The headlights lit up the road and bushes.

Suddenly - two headlamps in a tall treetop at the roadside ahead. Headlamps in a treetop? How?

Hogarth's father slowed, peering up to see what the lights might be, up there in the treetop.

As he slowed, a giant iron foot came down in the middle of the road, a foot as big as a single bed. And the headlamps came down closer. And a giant hand reached down towards the windshield.

The Iron Man!

Hogarth's father put on speed, he aimed his car at the foot.

Crash! He knocked the foot out of the way.

He drove on, faster and faster. And behind him, on the road, a clanging clattering boom went up, as if an iron skyscraper had collapsed. The iron giant, with his foot knocked from under him, had toppled over.

And so Hogarth's father got home safely.

BUT ...

Activity - work your way through FEATURES OF A NEWSPAPER REPORT. 

Read each slide carefully and respond to the questions in your book. Start thinking about the events in the story of 'The Iron Man so far and consider how these could be reported in a newspaper.