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Willow Bank Junior School


Today is SPELLINGS DAY! please try and log on to SPELLING FRAME to take your weekly test.



Today's focus is writing captions. Watch the clip again that we saw in the lesson and then complete at least one of the following: 


Task 1 - complete the 'Writing captions' activity sheet. Read through the text. Draw a picture to show what is happening, then write a suitable, short caption underneath.

Print out or copy neatly into your book (you don't need to copy all of the text - just the boxes for your drawings and captions). 

Task 2 - Divide a  page in your book into 4 - 

  Choose stories, films, nursery rhymes or well known songs and draw a picture to go in each box. Write a suitable, short caption to explain what is happening.

e.g - 

Large egg found dead at the bottom of a wall