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What did they say?

Today we are looking at the use of reported speech in a newspaper article. Journalists often interview people to find out what they have seen, done or what their opinion might be. Speech punctuation is needed to show that these are the person's actual words or quote. 

Can you remember the rules for punctuating speech?

Have a look at the poster below for a reminder.

Your task today has been set on Purple Mash - or you can record it into your book (but please upload a photo or scan of it into your PURPLE MASH work folder or send to the Year 3 homework email address).

Think of a well known character (nursery rhyme, story, fable etc...), write a sentence to explain something that might have happened to them. Then, write another sentence with speech punctuation. Complete at least 3 examples please.


The three Piggy brothers were now the proud owners of their first homes, after months of saving and hard work. "We are so excited to finally be moving out," said the eldest brother.

"Yes," agreed the youngest, "We will miss Mum but we are looking forward to her coming for a visit."