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Willow Bank Junior School


Can you remember this little boy?


What was he NOT very good at?


What would you say to him ?


Today our theme is SHARING. 

After today's lesson you are going to be making a tick list of 'shares'.

Have a careful think... sharing doesn't always mean things like toys, sweets and the television remote!

Can you think of ways to share that involve your time, your love, your appreciation (saying 'Thanks!'), your skills, your knowledge, taking turns and ........ You will probably come up with some thoughtful ideas of your own too.

* Create a tick list of shares to try and achieve over the next week*

Make sure they are achievable, yet will also require a little bit of effort - maybe things you wouldn't normally do.

There is a 2Do on PURPLE MASH set up to use, or create your own, in your book.

Please bring your lists to Friday Chats - so we can all SHARE how well you are doing and maybe give others some good ideas to add on to their lists too.

Here is the beginning of Mrs Mc's list: