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Willow Bank Junior School


Literacy Lesson

From this week, all Literacy groups will be completing the same Literacy lessons as from Thursday your groupings will be mixed up. 


With your home study book, we have included two sets of grammar mats if you would like to continue to do them at home. The answers are below as well as a copy of the mats. A new set of mats is now included (Year 6 Autumn 1), which you probably need to start using during the first week back after Easter. If you can't print the mats, just write the answers in your Home Learning book.

Reading Comprehension

Please make sure you keep reading at home. If you read a particularly great book, maybe you could write a review about it to share when we get back to school.

If you want to practice your reading comprehension as well, we have included some tasks below. We will place two new ones on the website each week (2 different levels) but we have also placed reading tasks as '2do's on Purple Mash. You can choose which resources you would rather use.


Please complete your spellings at home as you would in the lesson (check meaning of words, identify key spelling pattern or rule, think of other words that follow the rule, cover copy check etc) and then do spelling frame and learn your spellings as normal. Please ask someone at home to test you on them once a week. Spellings for the next two weeks should be stuck in your spelling book already but are also attached below for those who didn't get them.

Year 5 and 6 Spelling List