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Willow Bank Junior School


Good morning! Today we're going to continue to look at the Journey. But we are also going to start thinking about using objects to write our own stories. Look at the picture below showing the girl in her bedroom. 


Task one: Thinking back to the pictures you look at before half term, can you see things in this picture that make an appearance later in the book?


Sometimes ideas for stories come easily, other times they need a bit of help. 


Task two: collect some every day items in your home (e.g. a brush, an umbrella, a remote control, a pencil) and think about how they could inspire you to write a story. Do they change size? Have magic powers? Come to life?


Come to the lesson this morning with some ideas about what objects you could use and what could happen to them - we will try and share as many as we can.


Task three: for after the lesson, now you've had a chance to listen to every one else's ideas, pick three objects and write a couple of sentences on each one and how you could use it to inspire a story. You don't need to upload these but you're welcome to come and share them on the Purple Mash blog.


You'll be starting to plan your own story for the rest of the week. smiley