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Willow Bank Junior School


Today we are thinking about being SMART and staying safe on line. We all use the internet a lot! It is important that we use it sensibly and look after ourselves and also other people, when we do so. We want to make the most of a really useful tool.


We will be watching the first adventure of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew. A link  below will let you watch it again, and also the other 4 episodes which deal with equally important internet issues.


This poster is like an acrostic poem - the first letter of each paragraph makes an important word - SMART - which links to the content of the writing.


After today's lesson we would like you to try and create your own colourful poster, using the same method, but using the letters TRUST (This year's theme). Here are some suggested words for you to use - or think of your own. Try and add an explanatory sentence to each letter. Make it colourful. We would love to see your finished work. You have this afternoon to complete these too.

T - tell, talk, trust, 

R - reliable, read, ready, regard,

U - understand, use, user, unfriend,

S - safe, say, speak, shutdown, 

T - type, tap, turn off,