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Writing the address

Today we are looking at the correct way to write the address for informal letters. 

You need to write 2 addresses -

1. Your address in the top right corner of your writing paper.  


See how the words line up vertically.


All of the proper nouns have a capital letter.





2. You write an address on the envelope - who it is going to.

See how the words line up neatly.

Your task today is to practise writing an address. This could be your address, the school address, an address of somebody famous, a made up address..... whatever you like. Write it correctly in to the correct place. Then write an address on an envelope. Write in to the template or you could even find a real envelope and stick it in to your book. 

There is a worksheet to use or you can write into your book.

Print out the sheet or write in to your book.

These are the addresses we used in our lesson today:


House Made Of Sticks, 2 Farm Lane, Wolfville, Oinkshire, PIG 321


1 Forest Road, Wolfville, Oinkshire, BBW 120


1 Brick Road, Ontop Town, Eggton, Splattshire, EGG Y00