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How to write a letter



Today we are looking at the salutation and opening sentences of an informal letter.

Here is the example from the lesson:

Your task today is to write the openings for 2 different informal letters - the opening paragraph or first few sentences.

Remember to write an address in the top right corner, set out neatly and correctly.


Write the date under the address

Write the salutation - 'Dear..........,'

On the next new line introduce yourself:

  •       Your name
  •       Your age
  •          Where you live or go to school
  •        Short explanation why you are writing

REMEMBER - You are NOT writing the whole letter!

Think carefully about who these letters could be to. 

Can you be creative and write as a character in a favourite book, e.g. Harry Potter to Dumbledore, or a cartoon character e.g. Jerry Mouse to Tom the cat. You might want to write the opening of a letter to somebody you admire - a sportsperson, a Royal, an author, an actor..... Why might you want to write to them?


Record your letter openers in your book.