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TASK - DESIGN YOUR OWN PIZZA MACHINE (You will need a piece of A4 plain paper, a pencil and some colouring pencils to add detail.)
Today we're going to be looking at designing our own pizza machines! Of course, before we design a pizza machine ourselves we need to know how to make pizza - below you'll find a recipe card and some videos of pizza making. Have a look at these carefully and make any notes of the sort of things you need to include in your design.

Here is an example of a pizza machine design for you to have a look at. Where does it start? How does it work through each part of the pizza making process? Make a list of all the parts you need to include so you don't miss anything out - you wouldn't want to put your cheese on before your tomato, or put it in the oven before it had toppings!


(NB the picture is on its side, in case that's causing confusion!).


You don't have to follow this style - use your imagination and make it your own.


Remember the butterfly we looked at last week? Do a first draft and then do it again and see if you can improve it. smiley


We'll talk all this through during the lesson.