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Our class assembly on atoms and elements is next Tuesday (10th March). Please use the next few days to start preparing for it. For now, I have attached the lyrics to the element song. I do not expect every person to learn every word. However, please choose a section to learn as well as the chorus that everyone will be singing. It may be a good idea to discuss with each other which bit you are doing so that we don't have one part of the song learnt by everyone but some parts that no one knows. Some brave people will need to take on the very fast section near the end. Small groups can do each section - no solos are needed. Good luck!


I have now added the script for you to start learning. I have done my best to spread out the parts. If you didn't get a big part this time then remind me when we do the next assembly. It is a little tricky giving out the parts when I'm not with you!


If you have read this message, please let other people in the class that this is here - a good, positive use for these WhatsApp groups! :)


See you Thursday


Miss Cornish


Class Assembly Script

Elements Song Lyrics

The Periodic Table Song (2018 UPDATE!)