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Willow Bank Junior School


Good morning year 3!


This week, we are doing Shape as our maths topic and today's lesson will focus on properties of 2D shapes.  What can you remember about them?

We are going to try and use the website Spiral, which is like an interactive white board.  If you can open that and be ready for us to give you a code to enter that would be great.  If you can't, it doesn't matter.  Fingers crossed we can get it working! 


Make sure you all have your white boards and pens (or paper and pencils) ready too please!


Your tasks today are:

1) Go on to BBC Bitesize and do the 2D shape quiz.

2) Choose a 2D shape work sheet - you choose your level.  Please stick in into your home learning book.  If you can't print it out, please draw the shapes into your book.