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Friday Mc Maths


Today we were tested on our times tables - why not have a practice on TTRs or look at:

Then we tested demonstrated our knowledge of the statistics we have been studying in school by -


Choosing something to count and creating a tally chart to do so. Choose a list of at least 5 things (don't forget the value of having an 'OTHER' group sometimes). Get collecting your data! At school, children worked in pairs to ask everyone a question in class e.g. favourite author.

At home you could:

  • choose a page in a book and count the vowels
  • main colour of book on a bookshelf
  • colour of cars that you can see drive past your house in half an hour (if you can see from a window - check with an adult)
  • colours of pens or pencils you have at home
  • have a brilliant idea of your own

Convert your data to a frequency


Then display your work neatly in a pictogram or bar chart (You could use PURPLE MASH to do and then share).