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Reading - stop at part 2 on the PowerPoint


Please continue your Alma story and write up a final version. 

Please check the following:

- Have you reflected the chosen atmosphere (from your plan) in each paragraph?

- Have you used a range of DADWAVER sentences?

- Does your story have an engaging opening that sets the scene (they should only get to the chalk board at the end of the first paragraph)?

- Does your story have an engaging climax?

- Have you thought carefully about your vocabulary choices?

- Have you met your writing target? 


Please write down any questions you have about the Wales trip. We will then answer them when you return to school. 



In DT we will be continuing to make the motorised vehicles. As it is unlikely that you would be able to do this at home, please create step-by-step flowchart for how to make your design using the 2do on Purple Mash.