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Willow Bank Junior School

MONSTER Challenge

We're having a MONSTER afternoon ...


Here is a link to a fab website that has lots of FREE activities to do.

Things like creating a comic, How to draw a..., Naming different things, complete the picture, finish a story..........    Why not take a look next time you are a bit bored?


This afternoon we are combining some of the tasks to create a unique monster. You can print out the sheets or just copy the ideas from the screen. It would be great to meet some of your creations at 3pm.

This is what you need to do:

1. Have a go at trying different forms of lettering, until you found one that you really like.





 2. Have a go at trying some ideas on the 'Make your own character' sheet.

 3. Finish the monsters, using some of the ideas from the previous 2 tasks.




 Use all of these new skills to create your own unique monster, in whatever form you like. Bring your monsters along to story at 3.