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Mrs Cox's Maths

Today you are going to be looking at multiples of 25 and 1000. I will not be online with you today so you will need to do this yourself. 


Please look through the powerpoint. The first few slides are finding multiples. It is a game so please make sure you view it as a slideshow.  Follow through each activity on the slide, complete them and put the answers in your book. You can check when you click the next slide or click again to see if your answers are correct. 


Your activity today will be around this. So you will need to choose a sheet from pack 1 and 2. Pack 1 it is 1 star, 2 and 3, 3 being hardest. The answers are in the packs so you can mark your own work afterwards. The 2nd pack there are 3 levels and it goes in order, starting with the easiest. There is an answer pack for these for you to self mark too. 


This should all be revision but we will have a chat on Tuesday in zoom and we can always recap if we aren't sure so please don't worry. 


You don't have to upload your work today but you can if you like.