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Willow Bank Junior School

Mrs Cox's Maths Group

For this session we will be looking at right angles. Most of this may be really familiar from last year but we are going to have a look again for a refresh. smiley


We will be learning about right angles and how to identify them in shapes. We will go through the slides together but have attached for you in case you want to look before. 


Then you will need to do the activity sheet 1. There are 3 levels- 1 star easier, 2 star middle and 3 star hard. You choose the level you are more comfortable with then you need to complete it and check your answers. You can also do sheet 2 as well if you like or you can choose sheet 1 or 2. I don't mind. Whichever 1 or 2 you choose please share them in your files on Purple Mash so I can see. 


I have attached a sheet called Right Angle Fish finder. You can, if you find it helpful, cut one of these out to put on the shapes to see which shapes have right angles.