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This week we're going to be looking at different methods of multiplication. Don't worry if some of these don't make any sense or you find them tricky. We teach you lots of different methods and then you can choose which you are most comfortable with.


We'll revisit all this in the summer term too. 


Please can I stress again that you do not need to complete all the sheets I've attached - if you're very comfortable with the work then start on sheet 2 and just do 2 and 3. If you're less comfortable, start on sheet 1 and only move onto sheet 2 if you feel completely comfortable. 


All the answers are attached so if you can go through and give them a quick tick, then when you upload them I can see easily which ones you found difficult and try and go over those again.


Don't forget, all this work relies on you having a good recall of your times tables, so any extra work you have time for please make sure you spend some of it practising and practising these! smiley