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Mrs Mc's afternoon challenge

Be a Wildlife Reporter!

Sir David Attenborough is one of the World's most famous naturalists and wildlife documentary presenters. He shares a great amount of information about each animal he meets in an educational, yet entertaining way - his programmes are much loved by people of all ages.


Your challenge:

Find an animal to observe!

If you can, go out into your garden to find an animal, or maybe you have a pet. Failing this - find a human to observe - they can be very interesting. People who study people are called ANTHROPOLOGISTS.

Sit very quietly and observe your animal for at least 10 minutes. Watch and note down everything they do. Try to include adjectives and adverbs for detail. Think about their appearance, movements, habitat, sounds ...

Then create a report. There is a template on PURPLE MASH you can use or display in another way. 

Bring your reports to share at 3.

Below are the links to the YOUTUBE clips we watched in the lesson - if you want to see them again (please check with an adult first!)