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Willow Bank Junior School

New Covid Procedures from 5th November

As the country prepares to enter lockdown, this seems like an appropriate moment to review some of our procedures in school, so that we are doing as much as possible to support the drive to limit Covid infections.


From Thursday 5th November there are a few changes that will affect you:


  • We will now be asking parents to wear face coverings whenever they are on the school site.
  • Where possible, can you please continue to have just one adult dropping off and picking up.
  • We are also asking you not to enter the school building unless it is by prior appointment
  • You will still be able to talk to the office staff, but they will come outside to see you when you ring the bell (forms, etc can always be dropped off in the post box just outside the front door).
  • Can we please remind you that children should only be bringing essential items from home, and not fluffy toys, etc.
  • Much as we love to see them, could you ask older siblings of secondary school age not to use the school as a cut-through, unless they are collecting a younger sibling.
  • Some members of staff may now be wearing face coverings or face shields when working with the children.


As I am sure you will appreciate, we would prefer not to have to take any of these measures, as we love being a welcoming and friendly school.  We are thrilled that we are able to continue to open the school as normal, but this does involve staff members continuing to come to work in crowded conditions, when much of the rest of the workforce is being advised not to do so.  We have a responsibility to take what precautions we can to continue to protect the well-being of the staff and children in school, so I know you will understand why we have decided to take these additional precautions.  And despite this, we will continue to be as welcoming and friendly as we possibly can!


Thank you for your understanding.