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Willow Bank Junior School


Remember, as always, you can still do Joe Wickes 3 times a week but am also including a ball skills session as I thought you would like it. 


You need a football and a small soft ball or tennis ball for this session. 


You first of all need to do the Seven Balls Game. You need the soft ball or tennis ball for this activity.  A lot of this is around throwing and catching. Make sure you look at what you need to do carefully before you start. 


I am then including a link to someone I know who works in schools for a company called Kick Off. I would like you to do the activities on here called the Cha Cha slide workout and the Football Skills and Bucket challenge. For the bucket challenge you don't have to do it with a family member, you can do it on your own. Make sure you watch it first as it is harder than you think. smiley