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Willow Bank Junior School


Remember Joe Wickes is on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am so please do one or all of those sessions if you can. 


This week we will be looking at obstacle courses and sportsmanship. 


Collect some objects from around your house and make your own obstacle course in the garden. This could be anything from cushions to spoons! Then have a go at your obstacle course and see if your family can too!


We are also going to be thinking about sportsmanship this week. What is sportsmanship?  See if you can find out then create a poster to show what it is. Remember to show the qualities a good sportsman should display.  Remember to use pictures and writing. smiley


We would love to see your obstacle course pictures of you and your family completing them! Also we would love to see your posters so please upload any pictures to your PM for us to see.