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Willow Bank Junior School


We believe passionately in the development of the whole child.  Whilst academic learning is obviously at the very heart of what schools are about, we understand the value of also supporting children in their emotional, social and spiritual development as well.  Children learn best when they feel secure and valued, and that is the experience we try to give them.  We endeavour to support children in developing self-esteem so that they feel confident in challenging themselves in their own learning, unafraid of what happens if they get things wrong.  Our ambition is to prepare the children to become lifelong lovers of learning, curious about the world around them and excited by the future in front of them.  We try to encourage their individual strengths and characters, whilst helping them develop an understanding of how they fit into societal structures.  The better we can build relationships with children, the better we understand them, and the more we can support them to achieve what they are capable of whilst developing into good citizens.