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Willow Bank Junior School


Today's lesson is all about how we trust the information we find on line. I think this is one of the most important digital safety lessons we learn and it's difficult to teach it remotely, but I hope it makes sense.


There are a number of tasks:


Firstly, speak to members of your household who remember what it was like before the internet (they won't have to be that old, your parents will all remember a time before the internet!). How did they find out information - can you make a list?


Secondly have a look at the powerpoint below - there is a lot of reading. Don't worry if you can't read it all and don't understand it all. Have a look and think about some of the questions asked.


Thirdly, I have shared a sheet with real and fake photos. Can you work out which is which? The answer is attached?


Lastly, I want you to try and write an information sheet with some false information on it. Can you show it to someone and see if they can work out what the false information is? Don't make it on something you shouldn't be sharing on line (so your address for example). You could do an information sheet on your favourite tv programme but change the main character's name. Or one on your pet but tell us something that isn't true. Upload it onto PM and see if we can work out what's true and what isn't!


To finish, I have shared a link to BBC Bitesize on the same topic of whether we should trust what we read on line.