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Willow Bank Junior School


Last week we started looking at careers and money. We're going to leave the rest of those lessons until we're back in school as there are a lot of fun activities we can do together that are much harder to do while we're at home.


So this week we're going to look at 'change'. We all have a change to go through on the 8th March when we come back to school again. We know most of you are very excited about coming back but you may also have some mixed feelings about it. Have a look at the powerpoint below about change, and think about some of the questions asked within it. 


Task one: look through the powerpoint

Task two: think about your talking circles

Task three: fill in the transitions activity sheet (or just note your answers down in your exercise book).


There is no need to upload this work. Instead we would like you to bring it into school on the 8th and we can have a look at it together.