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Emotions - facial expressions

How are you feeling - let your feelings show!


Please continue with your tasks from literacy this morning. You have been set 3 2Dos on PURPLE MASH (Or you can write these tasks neatly in to your book).


1. Drag the emotion word under a circle, then draw how the face would look. Maybe look in a mirror to see.

THEN - choose one of the emotions and write a short sentence in to the text box at the bottom of the page.


2. Thinking about POSITIVE emotions - ones that make us feel good.

Choose words from the menu (hover over them for definitions) or positive emotions of your own and type a sentence explaining why you might feel like this or how you  can make others feel like this.

e.g I am excited when a parcel arrives with my name on it.


3. Repeat for NEGATIVE EMOTIONS - ones that might make us feel bad. Sometimes these are avoidable, but sometimes                                        we might need to feel a bit sad or worried in order to reflect                                         on things that have happened.