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Willow Bank Junior School

Review of the school's strategy

The effectiveness of our strategy is under constant review, with individual interventions being reviewed on an ongoing basis.  We have a pupil premium focus review every half-term, with children eligible for PPG also being specifically focused on in our termly pupil progress meetings.  We compile a termly individual update on each pupil premium child, looking at areas of need, interventions and support, and impact, information which is shared (on an anonymised basis) with the Governing Body termly.  

We are extremely proud of the way we support children in our school who are eligible for PPG, as we are of the way in which we support all the children in school, some of whom suffer disadvantage in other ways.  We seek to develop as full an understanding as possible of every child's strengths as well as their vulnerabilities, and fundamental to this is to create a school environment in which children feel safe, cared about and listened to.  We strongly believe that this is a particular strength of the school, and the extra funding made available through the PPG allows us to sustain and develop this environment, in which the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children are empowered to flourish.