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Willow Bank Junior School


We're continuing to look at sound today - and again this is something we're going to look at in more depth when we return to school. Today you're going to look at string telephones, and have a go at making one for yourself. 


Please do come and share this with us on Purple Mash - and we'd love you to bring your string telephones in to school with you next week. Are you able to decorate the phones, make them individual? What could you use to do that?


If you don't have anyone at home to practise with your telephone then don't worry, because you'll have lots of opportunities to try them out at school!


First look through the powerpoint. 


Then have a go at making your phone.


After that, have a go at filling in the sheet to show your learning. 

If you have time, here are some more questions to investigate:


  • Does length of string make a difference?
  • Does tautness of string make a difference?
  • Does thickness of string matter?
  • Do other materials work in the same way as string?
  • Can more than 2 people listen in at once?