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Why do we need a skeleton?

Watch the clip again from last week - listen carefully - what reasons does it give for why we need an internal bony skeleton?

Watch this clip too, then take the quiz. 

One of the main functions of our skeleton is to protect major organs - vital organs that keep us alive and well.

Can you think what the skull protects?... the ribs protect?... the pelvis protects?...

Watch this clip to demonstrate why it is important to always wear a protective helmet when taking part in some activities.



Protect your egg - investigate!

Please ask an adult if you can take part in this investigation.

Your challenge is to make a protective helmet for a raw/uncooked egg. Look around your home (recycling bin) for materials that you think would make a good helmet. Draw a face on your egg and make sure it can 'see' with its helmet on!

Draw and label a picture of your egg wearing its helmet. Print out and record on the sheet, or write in to your book.



Then choose somewhere to drop your egg on to a hard surface!


Watch carefully to see what happens to it when it is dropped - is it similar to the watermelon in the video clip?


Describe what happened.


Was it what you expected? Explain/ discuss.


HAVE FUN!     




Record sheet