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Willow Bank Junior School

Spring 1

Here are the spelling rules and spellings that we will be learning each week:

Year 3 weekly spellings taught in school:
Week ending:Spelling rule:Examples:
14th JanuaryShort /i/ sound spelt with 'y'

myth  gym  Egypt  pyramid  mystery

hymn  system  symbol  lyric  typical

21st JanauryVowel suffixes -er, -ed, -ing

gardener  gardening  limited  limiting  offered

offering  benefited  benefiting  focused  focusing

28th JanuaryVowel suffixes -er, -ed, -ing, -en

forgetting  forgotten  beginning  beginner  preferred

preferring  occurred  occurring  forbidden  committed

4th February

Prefix mis- to create words with a

negative meaning

misspell  mislead  mistreat  misbehave  mistrust

misprint  misuse  misplace  misheard  misread

11th February

Prefix dis- to create words with a

negative meaning

dislike  disobey  discolour  discover  disappear

disallow  disbelieve  dishonest  disapprove  discontinue

18th February